2004 paddling trips


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Chattooga, Section 3.5. April 18, 2004. My first day back on the river since shoulder surgery in October, 2003.

First thing I did on the river was meet this goose.

I followed the goose around for awhile until

the goose decided to split.

John Mcrea at the Bull.

Alice Walker at the Bull.

Ashely Young

Me at the Bull, going for the eddy.

Goofing off in the eddy.

Ashely hand paddling the Bull.

John getting another run in.


Chattooga, Section 4.0. May 23, 2004.

Mike Huggins at Jawbone.


Don Kinser in Jawbone.

Mike Huggins at Soc em dog.

Don at Soc em dog.



Big Panther Creek, September 2004. Thank you TS Charley. Level was lapping bottom of white PVC pipe at put-in.


Video of Brian Kirkland in a slide on BPC (.wmv, 1.3 Mb)


Broad River, September, 2004 After a priming rain by Charley followed by the torrential Ivan, we were treated to 10-11feet (put-in bridge gauge) on 9/17 and 8 1/2 feet on 9/18. Here are some highlight photos and some video of Roostertail on the 10-11 foot day. Alice was there that day but I did not get any photos of her, maybe next time.

Joe Attaway, First ledge wave. ~10-11 feet.

Bobby Hartridge

Some wood.

Joey Moore and Alex

Pipeline, ~10-11 feet.


Pipeline from upstream.

Scouting Roostertail at ~11 feet

Roostertail at 10-11 feet. Hero line initiates just right of the farthest left hammer. Try to avoid the hammers.

Top wave in roostertail closes out at ~8 feet.

Green line, our line that day at ~8 feet. Left of the big hole at the top and then slalom through the hammers.

Joey in Sweet Georgia Brown, just below Roostertail. ~ 8 ft.


Video of Joey Moore surfing Pipeline, Broad River, Ga, ~10-11 feet. (.wmv, 4.0 MB)

Video of Joey Moore and Joe Attaway, Roostertail, ~10-11 feet. (.wmv, 4.2 MB)


Broad River, Georgia, med high level, Scott McCorvey at the First Ledge Hole.


Russell Fork, 4th weekend, photos by Dennis Huntley

Alex at Tower

Alex in 2nd Drop, Triple Drop

3rd Drop, Triple Drop

Alex at Climax, so to speak.

Chris McFadden, Climax


If there are any pictures that you would like a higher resolution of (~1 Mb), let me know (ajflatspin@charter.net).

2001 Alex Harvey