2006 paddling trips


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Moccasin Creek, GA, 1/2/06  Level was bony, about 400 cfs on the Tallulah Guage. Hiked up and put-in below Hemlock falls. The photos were blurry cause I was trying to shoot without a flash, but with the dim conditions and no tripod, I only got two shots that were not too blurry.

Doug Benton

Doug again.

Little River Canyon, 1/22/06, ~1250 cfs at Blue Pond or 8.5 " at the put-in. Perfect level for the falls but the photographer chickened out and hiked down below to get the following photos.

Jerry Jascomb demonstrates to the Sewanee, TN crew the perfect line.

Was Jerry trying a wheel off the 2nd drop?

One of the Sewanee boys.

Nice tuck.


Overflow, 2/4/06 1.2-0.8 feet.

Doung Benton in Gravity.


Matt Bilz in Gravity.

Alex dropping off Singley's.

Matt Bilz

Matt lands in Twilight

Doug Benton in Twilight

Doug gets his boof on.

Alex lines up for Marginal.

Matt in Pinball.

Pinball chaos.

Little Pigeon, West Prong, TN, (Chimneys Picnic Area to Campbell Overlook), 6/26/06, 0.6 ft at bridge, 1.3 ft at AFWS Sugarlands SG.     Newton Tilson, Doug Benton, Allen Ligon and Ike Roy were first timers with minimal creeking experience. I had not paddled the West Prong in several years due to concerns about my shoulder holding up after surgery.  We had minimal flow which was a concern initially but turned out to be ideal for the four first timers and was a great level for photo opportunities.  Most of the rapids had great lines though there were places where combat kayaking was the rule. The first timers styled the run, I was a proud trip leader. Below I try to describe some of the rapids but there are so many. Enjoy the pics. For an abridged selection of photos, see the West Prong section on the Smokies page. Here is a link to AW's WP page.

Warm up rapids at picnic grounds, Ike.

Below the 441 bridge, Ike and Doug.




The yakers check out the hull design on this open boat.

Ike charging a manky drop early in the run.

There were many handy rocks to maneuver with.



This rapid had two trees to dodge and caused much havoc, affectionately named Bent Tree.


Ligon gets some Scud air.

Doug gets some downtime.

This drop always sneaks up on me and I have no idea what it is called. At high water it is an asskicker. Giant holes.

Ike sizes up the tree slot.

This drop is gnarly at any level. Elbow pad special.

Not sure of the name of this cool rapid, boof right, center, center then right again.

First center boof

2nd center boof.

Photographer looking down at right, center, center, right. Doug waits at the bottom.


This drop had a good melt down at the bottom.

Ligon checks out a funky tree.

Typical West Prong action.

This was a tricky boof to the right. Newton gets it done.

Whats left of Skywalker, an intimidating jaunt through multiple potential pins.

Bottom slot of Skywalker.

Skywalker used to start with a 8 foot boof, must have washed away in the last couple of years.

West Prong Falls, center line.

Ike in the midst of one of coolest drop series on the run.


Doug at top of Room with a View.

Doug found a nice line that avoids the potential pitons in the main flow.

Ike in "Room".

Dusk at the last drop before our takeout. I call it "Toliet Bowl" or "No Way Out". Ike finding a way at the top.

If there are any pictures that you would like a higher resolution of (~1 Mb), let me know (ajflatspin@charter.net).

2001 Alex Harvey