2008 Paddling Trips


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Overflow Creek, 2.4.08

Little River Canyon, 2.9.08

Overflow Creek, 3.5.08

West Fork French Broad, 3.5.08

Big Creek 3.21.08

Davidson Creek, Georgia. 8.26.2008




Overflow Creek, 2.4.08 1.3 dropping to 0.9 feet (actually more likely 1.1 dropping to 0.8 due to tree in front of gauge)

Put-in rapid.

Happy camper

Hunter Creekmore in Gravity.

Allen Ligon in Marginal Monster.


Little River Canyon, 2.9.08, 4 inches.

Terminal eddy

Hunter Creekmore




Note the blown skirt which led to a few frantic moments.

Hunter in Pinball

Sean Thompson


Ashley Young flys over Roadblock


Ashley in last drop of Humpty Dumpty

Aptly named Deep Throat

Going down...


Overflow Creek, 3.5.08 1.1 feet, felt like 1.3 feet. Start of our DIDFW TVF tally.

Newton Tilson in Blind Falls

Doug Benton

Newton in Gravity

Brian ? in Singley's Falls

Chuck Armentrout

Doug approaching Twilight

Doug boofing over the flake rock. Over or off the left side of the flake are the preferred routes.

Chuck on the Bump.

Chuck tempting fate in Marginal.

Drop below Marginal.

Once in a while a great shot comes along, Brian in Pinball.

Chuck demonstrating the namesake of Pinball.

Looking for Plan B.

Plan B, Chuck emerged unscathed but fuming, took awhile to calm him down again.



West Fork French Broad, 3.5.08  Good flow, Rosman @ ~800 cfs.

Josh in the first slide.

Someone (Josh?) in the second slide.

Josh in the third slide with dusk settling in.

I tried to blind em with the flash to make the third slide a little more challenging.

Hunter Creekmore gets some air.

Noah flies by.


Big Creek 3.21.08 Allen Ligon, Jason Burton and I get some Big Creek action. Pictures include Superman, Monster and Action Alley.


Davidson Creek, Georgia. 8.26.2008

Joins Big Panther Creek just below the BPC take-out. Has been run before but attempts are likely rare as Davidson is as obscure as it gets.  One attempt by our group resulted in a quick retreat due to hundreds of vines that hung across the river at chest level and a lack of fortitude to deal with such vegetative hindrances. A second attempt was endured during a tropical disturbance. We originally intended to run Big Panther Creek but during the shuttle the sky literally fell, raining inches within a course of 30 minutes. By the time we returned to put on at BPC, the creek was at a high side of terrifying. Plan B was to run Davidson as the take-outs for for runs were within a hundred yards of each other.

The put-in for Davidson is below the dam of a small lake, which rose two feet while we stood there. Shrugging that off, we put on anyway. initially the level was way too much for us but the water dropped quickly to a raging but manageable level. The was one nasty pin, see the pics below and we had to bypass the lower gorge due to the late hour. The next attempt will be with machetes, an earlier put-on and a reasonable water level. Thanks and hats off to Hunter Creekmore and Doug Benton for taking a leap of faith and for enduring a very trying river experience.

The torrential rain on the shuttle back up to the put-in.

One of the early slides, after the river had come down a few feet.

Doug pointing out his pinned boat. under a sub-surface tree.

Setting up a z-drag to pull the boat out.

A huge slide that we did not run due to a tree at the bottom.

Midway there is a lake with a runnable 12 ft dam.

The start of the 2nd gorge.

More 2nd gorge action.

2nd gorge.

We portaged around the 2nd gorge to find ~ a mile of III-IV boogie.


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If there are any pictures that you would like a higher resolution of (~1 Mb), let me know (ajflatspin@charter.net).

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