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Narrows of the Green, NC, see the Narrows section on the NC page for an explanation.

Video of the Narrows, Zwicks and Chief, 1999 (.wmv, 8.6 Mb)

Video of Gorilla at low water, aka Megaton (.wmv, 9.8 Mb)

Video of the Narrows, RT, GT and the trail, 1999 (.wmv, 9.0 Mb)


Upper Rocky Broad videos.

Part 1, 256 kbps (.wmv, 5.8 Mb)

Part 1, 768 kbps (.wmv, 17.4 Mb)

Part 2, 256 kbps (.wmv, 6.0 Mb)

Part 2, 768 kbps (.wmv, 17.8 Mb)


Russell Fork videos

Tower Falls Video-1990 (Windows Media, 6.4 Mb)

Fist Video-1990 (Windows Media, 7.7 Mb)

Triple Drop Video-1990 (Windows Media, 14.1 Mb)

Thunder Road Video (Windows Media, 12.7 Mb)

El Horrendo Video-1990 (Windows Media, 8.0 Mb)

Climax Video-1990 (Windows Media, 17.6 Mb)


Linville Gorge

Low resolution video of Linville-1989 (Windows media, 4.3 Mb)

Higher resolution video of Linville-1989 (Windows media, 13.1 Mb)

Long version of Linville-1989 with bonus portage footy  (Windows media, 10.8 Mb)


Upper Green, NC

Low res video of the Upper Green, 1991 (Windows media, 5.9 Mb)

Higher res video of the Upper Green, 1991 (Windows media, 18.0 Mb)


Upper Tuckasegee above Tanasee Reservoir

1979 (Window Media Player, 6.3 Mb).

2002, short and sexy version, QuickTime, 10.4 Mb.

2002, long and scrapy version with dialogue, QuickTime, 26.8 Mb.



Trout Creek (trib of the West Fork of the Tuckasegee) 11.16.06

Bonas Defeat Test Release (Windows media, 17.6 Mb)

Video of Brian Kirkland in a slide on BPC (.wmv, 1.3 Mb)

Video of Joey Moore and Joe Attaway, Broad River, Ga, Roostertail, ~10-11 feet. (.wmv, 4.2 MB)

Video of Joey Moore surfing Pipeline, Broad River, Ga, ~10-11 feet. (.wmv, 4.0 MB)

High water surfing on the Broad River, Georgia (Quicktime, 26.4 Mbs).

Video of me running Abrams Falls, July, 1998 (0.8 Mb)

Video of me running Abrams Falls, July, 1998 (5.6 Mb)

Video: Crusty gets a clean on the wave at Diagonal Ledges, Gauley River

Video: The boys from Virginia surfing and eyeballin..., Gauley River

Test video of John Mcrea surfing Amphitheater

2001 Alex Harvey