In Memory of Roger Beaman

Roger passed away in April of 2007. Roger was and is a good friend with whom I shared many of my most thrilling whitewater trips. Roger was a mentor in many ways. My early trips on the Upper Yough and Russell Fork was with Roger. His enthusiasm was contagious and his exhilaration he graciously shared. He loved running ridiculously flooded rivers and super steep creeks. I was deeply saddened to learn of his passing. Though I had not paddled with Roger in many years, due to geographic barriers, memories of many epic and incredibly fun trips are still fresh in my head.

Here is Roger in typical form, hamming it up for the camera on the Tygart.



Master of the side surf and 360, Big Nasty on the Cheat.




Roger off to a promising start on Big Wilson Creek in Maine?

Unfortunately the water ran out on us, it became so bony that we hiked the last

3-5 miles of the streambed. Below is a picture of Richard hiking, with Tim in the foreground.

Richard's boat is 40 feet in front of him.




Roger was a great guide and companion for the Russell Fork. Here he is in

Triple Drop.



Roger leading the way down Tower. He actually might be surfing the center hole

in this picture. It was hard not to those days with the higher release volume

(~1350 cfs). Roger taught me that surfing powerful and sticky holes on purpose

is not only fun (mostly) but is good training for getting out of the more serious

holes like the one in Tower.




Farewell good friend.

2001 Alex Harvey